NALS of Greater Kalamazoo

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NALS  enables us to do something we do in the first place – even better than we would be able to do on our own!

“NALS is an amazing organization for current and aspiring legal professionals! Its offered Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and networking opportunities provide chances for members to grow both personally and professionally. In addition, their certification programs are outstanding. My legal assistant is studying for her certification, and I’ve reviewed the requirements. All I can say is . . . wow! She is more well versed in Bluebook Citation than I am! I would highly recommend that any aspiring or current legal secretary or paralegal join NALS.”                  …Rachel Gruetzner, Esq.

“I have been fortunate to have worked with the most brilliant of legal assistants.  A legal assistant’s work is so much more than just answering phones or finalizing communications.  They are the first voice a potential client hears – the first champion of our capabilities.  They are the last set of eyes on every document.  They coordinate, schedule, and keep everything organized so that deadlines are met, all while keeping clients from going insane while we are unavailable.  To think that what they do is any less important than what we do, is pure nonsense.  It takes a unique skillset to help shoulder the burdens of lawyers and litigants.  These skills are not something that anyone is born with.  As attorneys, we have law school, bar association meetings, publications, and continuing legal education to master our craft.  To think that legal assistants would not benefit from a similar network of professionals not only devalues their services, but it misses the opportunity to improve our own.“   

                                                                                          …Saraphoena Koffron, Esq.